Why Salt Water is Good for You and will make you feel a better human being

Why Salt Water is Good for You and will make you feel a better human being

The sea is so powerful and salt water gives you so much positive energy going through your body… The sea is the therapy.

I am talking about my own personal feelings and experiences regarding my time spent out on the water.

This is something I experienced myself as I took some time out from the water for many different personal reasons… illness, busy at work, taking care of my child,… etc

It was actually not my choice but life sometimes doesn’t give you choices and you just have to deal with what it throughs at you…

Anyway… as I really felt the difference in my body and especially my mind I wanted to share with you why salt water is such a good therapy.



Sofi Chevalier

If like me you are a person who needs to be surrounded by the ocean, who needs to see the sea everyday and feels bad when you spend too much time away from it. For you, like me, you really feel the need to be in harmony and contact with elements and this is why you actually do all this water sports such as surfing, kiteboarding or wakeboarding… just being outside makes you feel alive and for this reason I wanted to tell you how important is to literally dive in the sea when you feel low.



Bianca Bikinis

The sea is so powerful, it give you so much positive energy going through your body… the minerals get into your skin increasing the body water conservation and making you less thirsty – probably the opposite of what you might have guessed. This means that your body can prioritize its salt levels, which has been shown help manage metabolism in a positive way.

Salt water will also supports a healthy nervous system as sodium regulates water flow throughout your body, which is critical for a healthy nervous system.

You will improve your sleep as sea salt contains so many helpful electrolytes for regulating hormones.



Bianca Bikinis

Talking now about my own experience and going into a personal story… I’ve been through a lot of stress this last few months and as I mentioned before and didn’t get the chance to go in the salt water… I was feeling empty and unmotivated… always having something else to do and ending up not going to the beach.

Then recently one of my friends saw me and asked me: “what about going surfing together one of these days?” I replied I couldn’t as I didn’t have a surfboard anymore… he said well take mine, keep it, you’ll need it.


Bianca Bikinis - Sista.zone

And the day after, I went… the morning was so peaceful… just small waves perfect for longboarding, not too many people in the water. This day went and at the moment I felt the water touching my face, felt it… my smile was back, my stress was gone, my body was relaxed, my mind was light.



Sofi Chevalier

Sometimes it feels like nothing but I’m telling you… The sea is the therapy.

For all of you who one day struggle, thinking they will never get rid of the stress, the anger or whatever bad emotions who consume them… think about it… take an hour… and dive in.

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