Kite Life After 40 – Introducing Bianca Forzano

Kite Life After 40 – Introducing Bianca Forzano

We had the chance to spend time with one such inspirational woman and we are proud to introduce you to Bianca Forzano, creator of Bianca Bikinis currently based in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic.

We are not going to lie and pretend life doesn’t start to change a bit when you reach and pass 40 because sometimes it can be a different story…

It is not that we lose our passion for sports but as women we always are going through phases, doubting and it can affect the way we do our sports and the way we commit to them.

In watersports it is even stronger as those sports demand us to be in shape and aware and we know that falling from a board or being washed in a huge wave is not the same thing as missing a ball in tennis.

Luckily when we look around we always find inspiring women who still rip and even if they doubt themselves too sometimes, they show us that nothing can stop us doing the things that make us happy.

We had the chance to spend time with one such inspirational woman and we are proud to introduce you to Bianca Forzano, creator of Bianca Bikinis currently based in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic.

Bianca5 Hi Bianca, could you introduce yourself?

Bianca: si, I’m Bianca. I’m an Italian ocean lover!
I live most of the year in Cabarete DR, where I spend a lot of time in the water kitesurfing and surfing… and in between my sessions I run my swimwear business BiancaBikinis and my accommodations business KiteHouseCabarete.
Life is good!


Bianca dancing like a ballerina on strapless board How did your passion for watersports start?

Bianca: Long long time ago.
Thanks to my friend Raoul. I was scared of this crazy sport with kite and line and board, it looked too dangerous to me but Raoul really forced me to learn with him and I was right, it was too dangerous… because when you start you can never stop!
I’m still grateful to him.


Bianca is wearing the Stromboli Zebra Purple Strappy Bottom Is it thanks to your passion that you decided to start a business related to it?

Bianca: Sure! I was already kiting and surfing when BiancaBikinis was born.
at the beginning it was just a game, and after many years I’m still running the brand and seeing him growing… it’s my babe!
The time I spend in the water and with other ocean women it’s the best way to do research.
and travel in new spots with new people is inspiring for new trendy.
business is totally related with pleasure time in my life.


Grey Storm Blue Colour Style by Bianca Bikinis Do you have some doubts in your life that might be caused by age or being a woman? What kind of?

Bianca: Uuuuffff. do you have an easier question? ahahah
Yes, it’s hard to admit but when I saw the scary 4 in front of my age I started being stressed of time passing.
The biggest worry it’s about my relationship with the ocean. It’s my passion, my life, what keeps me balanced in life, and for sure I want to keep surfing and kiting as longer as I can.
So I decide to take care of my aging very carefully in order to do it.

Bianca Bikinis - Do you feel different in your body and if so what do you do to keep it in shape?

Bianca: Actually I don’t feel different yet. it’s more the worry to feel different one day.
in any case I treat myself better then when I was younger:
I always have a good sleep in the night before going in the water. it’s not any more time to go party hard with friends and wake up early in the morning to jump in the water.
I’m very very aware of how I feed myself. I eat and drink in an healthy way with healthy product.
My sessions in the water are shorter, but this doesn’t mean they are less fun. I just try not to push too much my body.
I try to keep my body well stretched before and after going in the water.
and definitely I’m much more into yoga, that helps my body, mind and soul.

Bianca Bikinis -

Tropical Flower Black Colour Style We are not all confident women as you can imagine… but we love what we do… what kind of advice would give to those ladies who sometimes hesitate to go out there or sometimes just don’t trust themselves enough?

Bianca: just do it!
Many times I had doubts or hesitations, but I don’t remember once that I regret jumping in the water.
For sure with a lot of respect to the ocean and my body!
Before I was more fearless and put my self in extreme or dangerous situations, now I avoid them and keep myself more safe.


Zebra Purple Colour Style What do you think about women who’d love to start kiteboarding, surfing, or whatever watersport after 40?

Bianca: Definitely do it! it’s never late to be happy 🙂
I remember once I had a Turkish couple as kite students. he was 65 and she was 60. Learning curve was slower then teen-agers, for sure, but they were the happier students I have ever had.


Sicilian Yellow Colour Style Any advice you could give to women who are missing some confidence with their body?

Bianca: Depends which kind of confidence.
If it’s about strength and capability, I would suggest to train first outside the water, doing some stretching and exercises to improve the strength.
And for sure win self confidence step by step… for example starting with babe waves and when the boost is up going for bigger, for surf or kitesurf either. I really believe that is not good to push too much because we can have the opposite result: to be scared. Personally in kite I switched from free style to waves riding, were I feel much more comfortable.
If it’s about beauty confident, I really suggest “forget it”. being in the water and having fun is the most important thing and this is for any shape of body!
How they say? “the best surfer out there is the one having more fun” and it’s true!

Thank you so much Bianca it was an honor and such a pleasure to have you here with us… and please keep on creating new beautiful bikinis as you always

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