Objectives That Will Help Start 2019 The Right Way For Every Female Rider

Objectives That Will Help Start 2019 The Right Way For Every Female Rider

Here are some objectives you should always keep in mind to be sure to stay on the right path for this new year 2019 and to be the happiest female rider.

Here are some objectives you should always keep in mind to be sure to stay on the right path for this new year 2019.

Rider: Torah Bright

Have confidence in yourself

Whatever the sport you do or you want to start doing, whatever your level of riding, wherever the place you are in the world and however seriously you take it… this sport you have chosen is for a reason and supposed to make you happy. So this is all that matters and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.
Believe in yourself and make things happens.

Rider: Bruna Kajiya

Do your sport more often

It is not always easy to be able to do our sports especially because we always depend on the conditions: wind, waves, snow,… but we have to be ready and make ourselves available as much as we can to be sure we don’t miss too much time out of the water or off the slopes. You have to be well organized and you have to be really impulsive as well…
So go on trip! Jump in your van and drive down to the nearest coast or the first ski resort… and try hard because you know in the end it will always be worth it.

Rider: Julia Rick

Take your friends with you

Sharing is caring and there is no better feeling that sharing the happiness of a good ride with your mates.
Your friends are not that into it? Well help them to get into your world… if they care about you they will make the effort and if they don’t make new friends 😉

Roxy Girls

Be healthy

We are what we eat… be responsible and sensible with your choices and what source of energy you give to your body. Take care of it like you would take care of mother nature. Don’t hurt yourself and be gentle with your body and mind.
Take care of your body because without your body you won’t be able to do what you want the most.
Be active and aware of what you eat and avoid artificial sugars and processed foods by cooking for yourself.

Rider: Jalou Langeree

Be respectful

Respect your environment and the people and animals who inhabit it. Be aware of your impact on their lives and try to make people who surround you happy. Be nice, gentle and grateful for being healthy and being able to live the life you have. If you are going through hard and tough times, try to accept the situation, face it and fight it… the sun will be shining soon for you again. Don’t forget you are part of the huge family of riders who make you already an awesome person.

Rider: Monica Eleogram

Plan on trying new sports and step out of your comfort zone

There is no better feeling than pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. It is not always easy, but so rewarding… it is actually like going back to our childhood and feeling that moment of excitement that we always had when we were kids and did something new. It is amazing, trust us.
You love surfing right? So why don’t you try wake boarding at the cable park?

Rider: Bruna Kajiya

Stop having complexes

It is a big NO. We won’t let you doubt your appearance and abilities anymore. It is just useless and you will only lose your time and make yourself depressed. Instead of looking at yourself at the mirror with sad face on and judging yourself based on social media perceptions, put a smile on and never forget how amazing you are. If you can ride ten you should be grateful and happy. There is nothing more beautiful than a girl who smiles regardless of what she is or isn’t wearing. There is nothing more appealing than a girl who can ride hard and do it with passion. We are all beautiful and we don’t want to be the girls who are obsessed by how they look.
Put your phone down and forget about social media and go and RIDE!

Rider: Robin Van Gyn

Enjoy the present

This the path to happiness… never live your life in the past or the future because what you have is right in front of you and you don’t want to miss one second of it.
Life goes fast and you have to be the best of yourself at this moment, right now.
Be happy with who you are and make the most of your life to be sure you won’t live with regrets. Make mistakes, often, and learn from them. Experience life and live it to the fullest.

Rider: Mainei Kinimaka

Rider: Mainei Kinimaka

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