No Second Thoughts – Why You Should Always Commit to Your Trick

No Second Thoughts – Why You Should Always Commit to Your Trick

One sure fire way to not make a trick and risk injury in the process is to not be fully committed to what you are trying. We offer some tips from experience as to why you should commit and believe in yourself.

We all know the feeling that we have before we go riding, thinking about trying something new dreaming, imagining and visualising the trick we are going to try on the water, snow or concrete. Once you are riding however it can be a very different story as everything we told ourself before the session goes straight out of the window and we just continue to ride within our comfort zone.

Of course we know this is not good and trust me, you should push yourself, go further and always attempt new challenges as their success is what drives us and is the best feeling.

There is a problem here however, when you are only half committed to the challenge/trick and leave yourself the option to change your mind at the last minute. Here is why you should never do that.


Sofi Chevalier

1. Without full commitment you will not achieve your goals

Being committed when you ride help you achieve your goals and helps you to improve your riding. By being committed we mean going for it 100%… so if you are thinking about trying a new trick don’t think twice and try it like you mean it.

This does not mean you need to throw every last inch of power into it and risk hurting yourself, but it does mean you must commit your mind as well as your body to making the trick.

To make any trick successfully both your mind and body MUST believe and act as if you know you can make it.


Colleen Carroll

2. Without full commitment, you don't get full rewards.

Being committed to your trick will you make you feel better and more motivated to try even more new stuff once you have made it.

You see, that feeling of committing yourself 100% to something you have not yet done is a huge mental challenge (often more so than physical) and this creates endorphins and feelings of euphoria when you achieve something new or come close with the belief that you can and will do it.

If you are not 100% committed however, then these feelings are replaced with anger and frustration because you are annoyed at you for not believing in yourself that you can make it.


3. Commitment to new challenges makes you stronger as a person

Being committed to your riding and your tricks will make you feel stronger as a person to face other challenges and obstacles in life with the same strength.

You learn by trail and error because nothing ventured nothing gained.


Colleen Carroll & Sofi Chevalier

4. It will help you avoid getting injured (most of the time)

Not being committed to your trick is a fast track to injury! A hesitation half ways, a second thought in the air and you are guaranteed to not land on your feet.

We all know this to be true (*certainly me at the moment)… if you hesitate you will hurt yourself, if you commit (even if you don’t make the trick exactly as you want) you will most of the time make out unscathed.


Sofi Chevalier

*Sofi Chevalier is writing this whilst wincing in pain with two cracked ribs as she hesitated halfway through an air trick pass on the cable on the weekend and as a result stopped mid air and came crashing down on her side.


Sofi Chevalier

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