10 Important Tips to get back on track after an injury

10 Important Tips to get back on track after an injury

It is always important to know how to take care of our body after a serious injury but more than that it is really important to have confidence and believe in yourself.

It is always important to know how to take care of our body after a serious injury but more than this it is really important to have confidence and belief in ourself when getting back on the water.

Most injuries are the result of a lack of commitment or just a tiny error hesitation and it can be even harder to get our head back in the right place when we have been injured for a while.

So we would advise you to follow these tips if you find yourself in this situation and don’t forget to have faith in your body and your mind as it is the first step to getting back to your level.


1. Get back on the water as soon as your body (and your physiotherapist) allows you to

This doesn’t mean getting crazy and trying your old tricks straight away but it means at least go back on your board and see how you feel. If you are scared of hurting yourself again it is important for you to go back when you can and not wait too long otherwise your fear will keep on growing.


2. Take care of yourself while you are injured and stay hydrated

Your body needs full attention when you can’t do too much and it will help you get better quicker. Once you start again you need to be very aware of your body’s feelings and listen to it.

Stretch a lot and eat healthy and don’t push yourself too much and be extra safe to be sure you don’t hurt yourself all over again.


3. Trust yourself

You are a sporty girl which means that you already know your body and you know how to take care of yourself, but you need also to take care of your mind and your mental health.

Being injured is not easy and it can affect your happiness and your personality. Try to keep yourself busy by learning new things while you are in recovery and then once you are ready to go back don’t forget to trust yourself.

Having a big injury can happen but it doesn’t mean it will become a regular occurrence. You have been unlucky but it doesn’t mean you are going to hurt yourself again. Trust yourself and don’t let the fear take over.

You are strong and you know your sport. Just learn how to ride safe and get back to your skill level step by step… you will get there quicker than you think.


4. Have short sessions

It is always better to have (at the beginning) short sessions to focus on the important things and to be sure you don’t push yourself too much. As the professional kiteboarders do, have a proper training session when you focus on what you are doing instead of riding forever and doing nothing.

Keep your attention on your body and be aware of every sensation it gives you. You really need some extra attention and being focused for 30 minutes and dedicated is always better than exhausting yourself whilst riding for 2 hours.


5. Stay hydrated while you ride

Have break and drink. I know it’s sounds silly but it will help you to stay focused and less tired.

6. Try new stuff

If you don’t feel brave enough to go back to your old tricks and you don’t feel strong enough then maybe it is the good time for you to try some new stuff. It can be anything, riding or landing blind, trying new grabs, working on sliders instead of going for air tricks, choosing wave riding instead of freestyle… be creative and don’t be stubborn!


7. Stay fit

There is no secret, if you want to be efficient and strong again you need to be well trained and have good stamina. This means you need to work out and be able to handle extended effort.

This way you will preserve your condition and prevent further injury. Most of the time we injure ourselves when we are tired and not focussed enough on what we do.

This is very important and it will make a HUGE difference. So time to go running, ride your bike or swim – keep your heart ready for action!


8. Find the perfect support or brace if you need to

If you need to try different models then do so but find the one that fits you perfectly and that you are comfortable with. Having a good support will help to feel more confident.

9. Warm-up!

Yes you need to warm-up even if you think you don’t really need it… well you do! Take 5 to 10 min before your session and do some specific exercises to prepare your body.

You are still 20 years old? It doesn’t matter, you need to warm up. You are over 30? Well you shouldn’t even question it.


10. Pay extra attention to your gear.

Maybe it is time to reward yourself with a brand new pair of bindings? Something with extra comfort for your tiny little feet? Or maybe a new board which will give you extra comfort for your landings? What about a new pair of trainers for more cushioning?


Written by Sofi Chevalier

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